National Immunization Month

Month: August

If you have children, you probably think “back to school” when the calendar turns to August… but along with returning to class comes a need to immunize. August is National Immunization Month… a time when parents are enrolling their children in school and older students are entering college. It’s the perfect moment to draw attention to the need for family, friends, and your community to make sure they are up to date on their immunizations.

Vaccines are responsible for the control of many diseases that were once common. Because of effective use of vaccines many diseases that once killed or harmed infants, children and adults are now eliminated.

Encouraging everyone in a community to take part in vaccinations protects everyone from medical care impact. Sick children need extensive doctor visits and sometimes hospital care. They also cause parents to lose time from work. Vaccines can also protect the older generation from illnesses such as influenza and pneumonia. Clearly the need to immunize prevents unnecessary illness and saves time and money.

What is your company doing to help spread the message for the need to immunize? As a community-minded company it should be increasingly important for you to show care for the residents of your neighborhood. Being involved in a health-awareness campaign shows your customers that you care, and educating them about how you are involved is a great way to start. To become involved in informing consumers, consider imprinting your company logo, along with a message about the importance of immunization, on the laminated labels of promotional sunscreen, logo lotion, custom hand sanitizer bottles and promotional antibacterial sprays.

Consider partnering with a local school or community health education program to spread the message as well. Giving out items featuring your company’s logo along with a information about vaccine’s will help keep your company in the community spotlight and help spread an important message of health and welfare.